In February 1986, after the military knocked down the transmitter of Radio Veritas, the Catholic broadcast station that played a key role in the powerful uprising that dismantled Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship and restored democracy in the Philippines, the station transferred to a secret location. It was June Keithley , together with Angelo Castro, who continued broadcasting in what was now called Radyo Bandido. She became the voice of that powerful medium; she was the broadcaster who kept everyone’s spirits alive and gave the people valuable information that helped them mobilize into a successful movement that brought down Marcos and his government.

Ms Kiethley’s ‘media career’ started in St. Paul’s College when she participated in student productions directed by Fr. James B. Reuter. During the People Power of 1986, she became the voice of Radio Veritas, which became Radyo Bandido when the former station transferred to another location after the military loyal to Marcos attacked it. Through this station, Filipinos not only learned about the latest developments in the country, but the station was also instrumental in mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people to peacefully thwart the advance of tanks and troops sent by Marcos.

Shortly after the people’s victory at EDSA, Keithley was honored with a plaque that read “Commander in Chief of the Army of the People.” It was given by “the Reuter babies,” who were Keithley’s staff officers during the critical days of February 5 to 25, 1986.

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